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Photo Mar 30, 6 00 52 PMWithout a doubt this week is the high point of the Christian calendar.  Everything we believe is anchored in what we celebrate this week.  Traditionally, Resurrection Sunday is the best and most exciting Sunday of the entire year.  Millions will choose to make this Sunday the one Sunday they attend church this year.

But if we are honest, nearly every believer has at least once in their life come to the end of Easter Sunday and said “it was okay…”  How can we make sure this week is full of Majesty instead of “meh”?

1.  Read along.

Take some time this week to read through the Gospel of accounts of Jesus’ arrest, trials, execution and resurrection.  Read them through from beginning to end at single settings.  Let power of Jesus’ Passion wash over you.

Each of Gospels carries a full account.  Take a different gospel each day and compare the points of view.  But more than that, read these chapters like you were discovering the story the for the first time.

  • Matthew 26-28
  • Mark 14-16
  • Luke 22-24
  • John 18-21

2.  Pull back.

Use this week to observe a type of “mini Lent,” focused on your mind and spirit rather than on your body or your appetite.  Find a source of noise to shut down this week (tv, radio, Facebook, wall to wall cable news, etc), simplify your schedule (ask yourself if this can be put off till next week), and seek some solitude (get up a little earlier, go for a walk, find a quiet place to have lunch by yourself).

3.  Gather in worship.

It is a full week.  All holidays get a bit crazy with meals to prepare, family to entertain, and extra hours to supervise kids.  But I urge you to build your week around your church’s worship events.

Our church is gathering for two important worship events.  On Thursday we will remember Jesus’ last meal with His disciples and watch as He turns His face to the cross.  On Sunday we will celebrate His victory over sin and death!

All of this made stronger when we gather with others in worship.  Don’t miss being in that number.  Don’t choose one over the other.  Be sure to experience the full arch of Holy Week.

Bonus — 

Create a Resurrection playlist for Sunday morning.  Spent time as a family thinking about Resurrection songs, surf the web for some ideas, ask some friends on Facebook what they are listening to.  You can use your phone or YouTube.  You can burn a cd or make a mix tape.  Just have it loaded it up and ready to greet you as wake up with wonder and worship on Resurrection Day!