Rooted Sermon ArtBaptist is our middle name.

But what does it mean to be a Baptist?  Are you even sure if you are a Baptist or if you want to be a Baptist?  Why does our church do what we do?  Does any of it make a difference?

I am excited to begin this new sermon series this week that I hope will answer some of these questions.  The biggest thing I want you to hear in these weeks is that we do not do things to be Baptist.  Instead, we are called Baptists because we do what we do, based on our convictions from God’s Word.

While many today run away from denominational labels (and to be clear our last name is more important than our middle name) there is a strong solidarity that we share with those who are called Baptists across the globe.  These men and women have been at the same time revolutionary and faithful for more than four centuries.

In this series we will be looking at what our church believes about six key topics. Our conclusion on these doctrines is what makes us Baptist.

To be clear, a handful of times we will contrast our belief with those of other churches. But I assure you, we will not be bashing any other church or denomination, only clarifying our own conviction.

Baptists have never been perfect and that is why our loyalty is to Jesus rather any earthly structure. But over the next seven weeks, join us as we discover our Roots. I believe your faith will be strengthened as we handle doctrine together.