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Since this Sunday is the 5th Sunday of the month we have to important items on the calendar.

1. We will be celebrating the Lord’s Supper.

It pleases me a great deal as pastor to know how our church looks forward to coming together at The Table in worship and remembrance.  I remember as a young child seeing the words “Do This in Remembrance of Me” inscribed on the funeral table.  In my youthful ignorance I thought that who ever had bought the table had left the message for his church. Only later did I recognize these were actually Jesus’ words from the last meal in the Upper Room.  But in a way I was right…they were the words of the One who had paid for the Table because He wanted His Church to remember.  

Be here as we remember together.

2.  We will be collecting non perishable food items for the Eunice Community Food Bank

Someone once pointed out that whenever you ask a group of people to gather in a circle and hold hands, the circle will always face inward.  At the Table we will face inward as he focus on the Fellowship of Christ.  But a church must also hold hands and face outward.  By remembering those in our community who are having a tough time, we can in a small way face outward together.

3.  We will have Dinner on the Grounds after church

This is a great church tradition that goes back to the earliest days of the church in Acts.  The people of God “broke bread together.” So throw a couple dishes together, invite someone to join you and stick around for lunch when church is finished.  It’s good stuff.

It’s going to be a great day!

Pastor Tim